JQ Unic by JQ Design Services
An 'Outside of the Box' Design & Branding concept, realising and redifining traditional ideas by giving it a futuristic touch and edge...

..the Un It'ed Nation Incoperated ...

Environmental Solutions
Our own group of specialist with experience in the enviromental industry...

Providing environmental related monitoring & testing services, e8 is one of the leading environmental solution provider to be reckon with ....

..We Extend A Warm Welcome to our New Edition e8 ...

JQ's  Technology Update
DualDiscs  - half-CD, half-DVD
Latest technology made available by SONY to re-capture the market

A DualDisc looks like most CDs or DVDs. That’s because it is two-sided hybrid. On one side is the full-length CD audio album. The other side offers DVD content which might include enhanced album audio, 5.1 surround sound, music videos, artist interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, documentary films, photo galleries, lyrics, computer-ready digital song files or Web links. The content depends on the artist..

JQ's  Leisure  - Did You Know & Trivia
Mobile Ringtone

If not thee current hype, one of it is definitly Mobile Ringtones. We practically change it every month, week or even everyday - you've got to admit that it gets to you.

After having all that ' luxury ', Can U Imagine - 

Everyone having the same ringtone ?  
        -  20 % of the world mobile users can't change the ringtone.
89 % can but DON'T KNOW HOW TO !

70 % of the World's Population Haven't Even Heard A Mobile Ringtone in Their Life !
nevermind changing it !